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Should the City Council direct the City Manager to implement Emergency Interim Measures to provide stability, navigation and respite to homeless individuals, as well as pathways to permanent housing and services, and create a 1,000 Person Plan to address the homeless crisis in Berkeley?

Should the Council approve this agenda item?

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Yes 52.0% 26
No 36.0% 18
See comments 12.0% 6

Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this item?

george porter inside District 5
April 3, 2017, 8:54 AM
  • Should the Council approve this agenda item?
    • See comments
  • Is there anything you would like the Council to consider regarding this item?

    Homelessness needs to be dealt with on a regional level to be most effective. That said, if the Council feels the need to act independently, a concern that is often overlooked is the problem of elder homelessness.

    The homeless over 55 are particularly vulnerable and their homelessness generally more chronic with less of a chance for them to "get back on their feet" and return to the general population. Many of them shun shelters because they feel threatened by the younger and more aggressive homeless citizens who go there. In addition, their immune systems are often more seriously compromised - if you've been living on the streets for a long while and are over 55, chances are you've the health issues of someone at least 10 years older - and crowded shelters can actually be more dangerous to the elder homeless than staying out on the street.

    Again, the specific needs of the elder homeless population has by and large been ignored and, as a long time Berkeley citizen, I'd support the Council if it chose to focus on that problem.

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