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Name not shown inside Oak Creek February 5, 2017, 9:09 AM

I don't think The City of Lake Oswego is doing an adequate job of street sweeping and to add insult to injury, they dumped tons of nasty tar like "gravel" on the roads this winter and have not cleaned it up in a timely manner. During the Fall the leaves and debris were terrible and a sweeper only came through my the neighborhood once. The two sweepers are often in for repairs it seems or they don't have enough drivers. In other cities the sweepers run regular routes on a much more frequent schedule... also the neighbors are notified what day so they can move their cars ahead of time. The sweepers here are "hit-or-miss" and lots and lots of stuff is getting washed into the sewer system as a result.

john earle inside Forest Highlands January 23, 2017, 9:36 PM

While my experiences may be anecdotal, there is some relevance to this discussion.
I live next to Nettle Creek which feeds into Tyron Creek/Tyron Park. Over the last ten years there has been a noticeable increase in winter water flow. With the increase has come significant erosion of the banks, scouring of the stream bottom, and a resulting loss of vegetation.
The flow of the creek was altered when Atwater road was constructed, channeling the stream through a culvert under the road. At peak flow during the first few months of the year the water exiting the culvert appears as if it is a "class 5" rapids.
Ideally the creek would flow normally sans culvert. But that would require a traffic bridge and that's not going to happen anytime soon ... or ever!
Underlying this increase in water and subsequent erosion is, I believe, the increased density of the surrounding neighborhood(s).
With each new lot division two homes spring up where once there was one. The accompanying hardscape that comes with each new home results in that much more runoff. Water that was able to filter into open soils now flow into catch basins that fill up our streams ever quicker.
While the proposed stormwater plan outlines what steps the city takes for its own properties and construction (i.e. reducing runoff, etc), I would like to see the same requirements of all new construction - commercial and residential.
The details would need to be decided by those more knowledgeable than me but there are simple things such as the use of permeable driveway materials, the incorporation of bioswales in landscapes, encouraging certain vegetation for absorption and filtration, etc.
As a taxpayer I'm already paying for this existing problem. It would be nice to lift some of these charges and put them on the responsible parties - those at the front end of the process. These should be requirements of the builder. Naturally he'll pass these along to the purchaser of the finished property. That seems appropriate.
Stormwater issues will increase under the current proposal. I do not believe the city leaders and staff are being as proactive as the situation calls.
In exchange for all the new properties being added to our tax roll there needs to be a more inclusive plan and fair division of costs.

Clay Werts inside Bryant January 22, 2017, 7:09 AM

Leave it as is !!!! Its only a problem in the minds of government bureaucrats ! Let it go, leave it alone.

Name not shown inside Forest Highlands January 21, 2017, 9:24 PM

The targets of all of this paper work are primarily phosphorus and E.coli bacteria. The phosphorus comes from agricultural and lawn fertilizers, while the E.coli comes from the gut of all sorts of farm animals, cattle, chickens, wild and domesticated ducks and geese, and almost all forms of mammalian wildlife (e.g. raccoons, opossums, deer, coyotes, skunks, etc.) as well as humans. The phosphorus can be eliminated by law or regulation, but what will be the allowed agricultural replacement? You cannot get rid of all wildlife. Some of these proposed benchmarks, I suspect, are therefore not attainable by any amount bureaucratic incrementalism. These proposals are TMI for most people, unless you are an hydrologist. The acronyms cause your eyes to glaze over if your are not in the hydrology, an environmental lobby, or the DEQ businesses. Putting this much flack into the air tells me that an entrenched bureaucracy and various environmentalists are in search more public funding through an increased surface water fee, in the City of Lake Oswego. I am opposed to any surface water fee increase.

Name not shown inside Lakewood January 21, 2017, 8:19 AM

Hi city,

Thanks for the work you do on behalf of all of us.

I see a lot in the Stormwater Management Plan about measuring and recording, but very little about mitigation or compliance enforcement. I understand good intentions are a pre-requisite for action. I just want to make sure the city can do something if, for example, a point source of pollution is identified on private property.

Name not shown inside Old Town January 13, 2017, 12:29 PM

Foothills Park has lately become an unleashed dog park with the poop that comes with unattended dogs. Groups are using the covered facilities for parties that are not registered with the city and cigaret butts liter the grounds along with trash and grease from BBQ cooking. We have one park ranger and not enough oversight of park rules violations. Before we consider purchasing additional parks, lets get control of the ones we have.

Name not shown inside Palisades January 12, 2017, 2:17 AM

Road improvements. It's a popular goal but not much appears to be happening. Rather than funding through proposed property tax increases, which are already skyrocketing, increase the gas tax.

Alternative to Comcast. If a city owned network failed with voters, please explore other options.

Matthew Criscione inside Rosewood December 31, 2016, 7:20 PM

I would like to see more work on the Lake Oswego to Portland bike path along the Willamette Shore Trolley right of way. Having a safe flat and scenic route to Portland would increase bike commuting. Also lessening traffic congestion and make existing bike commuters much safer by removing them from the bulk of traffic the current routes are plagued with.

Lynne Harrington inside Westlake December 31, 2016, 3:58 PM

I would like the council to consider adding more street lighting to Kruse Way. There are very few lights and on dark and rainy nights in particular it is very difficult to see. I know you installed little reflectors a few years ago along the median strip but they don't help at all and are nearly invisible. I've submitted requests several times before. I'm not sure why action has not been taken. All our other main thoroughfares are very well lit. And Kruse Way has an extreme amount of traffic now.
Thanks for your consideration.

Barbara Wadmam inside Lake Grove December 28, 2016, 10:59 AM

Once again City Council appears headed down its own road, regardless of the wishes of the citizenry. We voted down the initial plans for North Anchor, including a new library in that space. Any new library should be built where there is more room for parking that does not require an expensive parking garage. Currently, the library has lost 5 parking spots due to dividing building lots in First Addition that required more garages opening on to the alley beside the library parking lot. This has made the cramped parking situation even worse. Also, more of the population is to the west where there is more space to build and would be easier access for a larger number of library users. The city should move on acquiring land even if we can't build a new facility just yet, otherwise all sites of the size needed will be gone, or we will pay an exorbitant price. Any development of "North Anchor" should be built without any public monies or granting of waivers for the parking needed. Our public monies should go to improving our city streets, many of which are in deplorable condition. The street on which I live has never been repaved in all the 39 years I have lived here despite considerable development. Our council does not seem to respect the wishes of the people of Lake Oswego. We LIKE our town without too much over development. Mercantile Village has been sold and the new owners are talking about a big development, including another grocery store. With Trader Joe's, New Seasons, Albertson's, Zupan's, Safeway and Whole Foods all within approximately 2 miles of each other in the Lake Grove area, I ask do we REALLY need another grocery store? I am hopeful the Development Committee will turn this down. Of course if they do Council will, no doubt, be only too willing to step in and over ride the Development Committees recommendation.