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Maida Genser inside Tamarac March 31, 2017, 6:43 PM

We need more dog parks - especially on the east side of the city.

Angelo Gonzalez inside Tamarac March 31, 2017, 1:09 PM

I would like to see a better up keep of your residential fences /walls and hedges.
Multi-family homes a better upkeep.
Landscaping around a residential areas in commercial a better update upkeep.

Name not shown inside Tamarac February 18, 2017, 3:48 PM

Why can't the BSO enforce no street parking (2am-6am) law by ticketing offending vehicles? Our community streets are dangerously clogged. We have asked for help previously.

Name not shown inside Tamarac February 18, 2017, 8:06 AM

Why are there codes that state no overnight street parking between the hours of 2-6 AM and they're not enforced? Same goes for unenforced codes for commercial vehicles, especially small transportation buses and vans, which some of those are parked in the streets.
Many streets especially in the Mainlands communities are practically impassible by my car much less and heaven forbid, emergency vehicles. If it's a Sherriff budgeting problem, go look for yourself. You could make a million in one night. It's enough that a special pair of officer could be hired just for this duty. And just raise the fine to make a stricter code. By enforcement this does several things.
It makes for a much safer community because a driver especially at night has to go around the parked vehicle, some times a small bus or huge van and into a head-on situation when passing it. People cannot be seen when walking, especially those with dogs. Streets MUST be made clear and passible for fire trucks and ambulances - which could be a lifesaver. Heck, I have a couple multi families in single family houses down the street and there are two cars in the driveway and 4-5 cars parked on the street every night! This is a situation that harbors the possibility for disaster, much less drives the resale of our homes down. Can you imagine a potential home buyer driving by to look at a house for sale?
Codes are written by the city for a reason and by enforcement, it makes the community safer and looks more attractive.
Our street looks like a Chicago ghetto at night.

Please help us, i am afraid that one day that there might be a situation where somebody's going to lose their life because an emergency vehicle will have to back up, turn around and come our way the opposite route to get near us. Just a few seconds could be a factor between life and death!

PLEASE, please help work with BSO to get this quickly under control. There's enough violators to create the needed revenue to keep these codes enforced.
RAISE THE FINES - ENFORCE THE CODES! Make Tamarac a much SAFER and attractive community!

Name not shown inside Tamarac January 9, 2017, 10:10 AM

I would like to know why the palm trees on 77th street are never taken care of. I've been here going on 4 years and never once in the center isle has anyone ever taken all the old fronds off they look terrible the town spends a fortune on the sidewalk yet the center isle looks horrible.

Bob Thumudo inside Tamarac December 23, 2016, 10:37 AM

I'm curious about the start date for the new monuments to be placed at the entrance ways to Woodmont. We've been told for years, that this is going to happen, but we " NEVER " see anything happening. What's the holdup ?? Can we get a definitive date??

Name not shown inside Tamarac October 16, 2016, 7:42 PM

Before thinking about a list of nice-to-have pet projects then implementing a tax to pay for them, we need to address the crisis going on in the city which is a general unwillingness of many recent residents to obey the law and keep properties well maintained. I won't propose explanations for this. I will only state facts. Demographics have radically changed and its not just an average age drop as the city website states. Its also a major influx of foreign born people. In the past, crime was low so Tamarac did not need active BSO patrolling and policing. Seniors don't commit many crimes. Nor did Tamarac need exacting codes with aggressive enforcement like Coral Springs has. The majority here were retirees who knew what was right and correct without being told. Now we have people coming from places where frankly, there are no city ordinances enforced and very little policing. And we have a crisis with crime now. Break-ins, speeding, racing at 3AM, boom-boom stereos waking us up at midnight and worse. We've got people who don't keep up properties and violate zoning rules by renting to multiple families in a single family home. People running businesses out of homes such as pressure cleaning cars that results in heavy traffic with people parking in the middle of the street, etc. Calling the police or the city does not help because nothing changes.

So if I have to pay more tax, I don't want a new dog park or bicycle path. I want more BSO hired to do patrols and hand out tickets for speeding. I want them patrolling and catching crime in progress, not arriving 30 minutes after calling the dispatcher when the activity is over. I want strong code enforcement and if that means firing some people not doing the job, retraining, hiring more, hiring attorneys or whatever we need to make our neighborhoods desirable, attractive and safe then let's do that. I'd pay a penny for that or more if that's what it takes. It may already be too late for fix it but better to try then build another swimming pool and boast about how great things are in Tamagram. Maybe we also need some cultural outreach people who might try to explain to the new residents that the rules are not directed at them as a form of oppression or abuse but are instead for everyone's benefit and are directed at all residents. I dare say a lot of this is cultural. I personally am saving to move and if things don't improve soon, I will leave Broward completely. I know others who feel the same.

FYI, "traffic calming initiatives" don't work and actually make things worse. In Sunflower, the four lanes were reduced to two with lots of trees and landscaping in the median. Looks beautiful. But it interferes with being able to see people speeding, making it more dangerous to ingress onto the street, eg. onto curved NW 70th Ave from NW 71st Ave. And when a RARE resident like me who obeys the posted limit is on the road, the speeders simply get 5 feet behind my bumper with road rage in their eyes, forcing me to either pull over or risk a rear end collision if I have to brake hard. 25 mph over the limit is common, because they know they can. So much for the "brilliant" quieting - an idea invented by the landscapers I bet. Put speed bumps that the people with a $1000 set of chrome wheels will respect or as I said above, speed traps by BSO.

To the person below who asks for more bike paths, walkways (sidewalks?) and bus stops with A/C. Air conditioned bus stops are not realistic due to the cost. It would be cheaper to pay your taxi fare. As for bicycle and walking paths, I agree with you however what we currently have is not usable because people are routinely using the sidewalks and bicycle lanes as parking spots because some pack more people into a house than it was designed for and additionally have a many visitors.. BSO won't address it saying its up to the city or HOA. HOA says its the responsibility of BSO. City of Tamarac makes excuses about the violators not being able to afford widening a driveway, etc.

I regret not moving to Coral Springs instead of Tamarac. They are no-nonsense and don't allow this stuff. I'm sorry but those of you moving into a neighborhood must take personal responsibility. If you purchase a 4 bedroom house with garage with the plan that the garage will be converted to separate living space and then all bedrooms (now 5) will be rented to different FAMILIES then that's just wrong and I have no sympathy. What you do on your property affects your neighbors. Freedom does not mean one can do whatever they want.

Finally, I also agree with some comments below that object to depending on revenue from tourism to help pay for the planned projects. What will probably happen is that the cities will sell bonds that they must pay back with interest. Then if the tourist income does not materialize, essential services will have to be cut or property taxes raised to pay the bonds. I don't use a charge card unless I am very sure I can pay the debt soon or unless its an absolute emergency. Government should operate the same way. Why not?

Some comments below refer to waste, overspending and superfluous or frivolous projects. Such statements are not helpful or believable unless specifics are given. Which projects and spending do you mean? Keep in mind that for spending to be excessive or wasteful, it must by definition mean that the price is significantly above market average. If you disagree with something ideologically then calling it waste is the wrong word. Words are important. This forum would be a lot more useful if it were possible to reply to someone else's comment.
Mr. R. M. , resident since 1980

Name not shown inside Tamarac October 12, 2016, 10:29 PM

We need bike & walking paths, so we don't have to worry about cars hitting us on the road. We need air conditioned bus stops with benches.

Name not shown inside Tamarac October 12, 2016, 6:20 PM

I believe that the tax is unnecessary. If the city uses the current taxes appropriately instead of squandering the money on superfluous or frivolous projects, the monies from the current taxes will be sufficient for what really needs to be done. I see so much waste around my neighborhood and around the city that I wonder...who and when will the real issues be addressed....

Name not shown inside Tamarac October 12, 2016, 12:17 PM

I want to know what happened to the plans for the new Tamarac CIty that was supposed to be built on West Commercial, past Pine Island? When is it supposed to be started or is it a "no go"?