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What uses would you like to have in the pop-up park located in Clarendon?

Summary Total number of responses : 206

Activities (Check up to 5 (five) activities below you would enjoy doing in the park)

Response Percent Response Count
Small scale outdoor games (corn hole, croquet table tennis, chess or other games)
49.5% 102
Informal gatherings
52.4% 108
58.7% 121
59.7% 123
18.4% 38
Short-term recreational facilities (bocce court or a small miniature golf course are examples)
41.7% 86
Organized classes and workshops (such as exercise, gardening, bicycle rodeo and other classes)
30.1% 62
Purchase food from food trucks and vendors
46.6% 96
Other activities (list at end of survey)
17.0% 35

Events (Check all activities you would like to have in the park)

Response Percent Response Count
Concerts and dancing
41.5% 80
Temporary outdoor markets (food, crafts, art and others)
71.0% 137
Special events hosted by organizations
41.5% 80
No interest in events in the park
17.6% 34
Other event ideas (list at end of survey)
9.3% 18

Park Features (These are the built or installed elements in the park). Check all features you would like to have in the park.

Response Percent Response Count
Demonstration gardens (vegetable, native or other featured plantings)
35.4% 69
Open lawn space for impromptu use
60.0% 117
Space for gatherings
44.6% 87
Game tables for playing chess, checkers or other games
46.7% 91
Other event ideas (list at end of survey)
12.3% 24
Picnic tables
63.6% 124
Creative and colorful park furniture
49.7% 97

If you chose 'other' for any of the questions, please list your ideas here

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Very opposed to the food truck option.
Events/activities need to be planned bearing in mind residences and safety issues. I live directly across from the proposed park, and it is already very noisy. No night time events/activities should be allowed. Traffic on that intersection can be dangerous, as drivers turning left on Clarendon often fail to see pedestrians. Parking is also very difficult to secure. Should not plan events where you will have a lot of people (esp. children) and cars, as that will be very dangerous..
dog park or bbq area
Grills for picnicking
Dog Park
There is a pilot garden-on-pallets at Ft. Barnard community garden this year, which is growing crops on behalf of AFAC's Plot Against Hunger program. A temporary vegetable garden at this park would be do-able, whether for AFAC or for the nearby community of high-rise dwellers.
Top preference for all activities would be a small dog off-leash fenced play area. Also pet adoption events where rescue groups could bring pets on weekends. NO noisy activities or music (I live directly across the street & there is enough noise due to Rooftop Bar in that area).
pollinator garden/native meadow, shade trees so the park will be enjoyable in the heat of summer, creative public uses that aren't covered by "standard" parks such as pop up art shows, theater performances, or meet ups
Every park should have beautiful large trees for shade and comfort.
Allow people to purchase their own small garden space to grow their own vegetable gardens. DC has similar programs
I would add ephemeral Art installations that will engage the public and enhance the experience of the place. This is a great opportunity for Clarendon to lead through "tactical urbanism" and serve as an example for similar places in our County. Here's an example of what I have in mind: or something like: . Last but not least: it would be great if the most exciting elements of the park would be movable to another place; if they were designed to be rotated between more "pop-up" locations across Arlington.
Too little space for too many people. Make this a public plaza, with park benches and don't spend a lot of money on construction.
If there is a paved area, put a fence around the entire thing so tots can use the space safely and get a bunch of ride on toys and a sandbox. There are probably tons of kids stuck inside with nannies in the complexes around there.
This is another example of Arlington wasting taxpayer money on vanity projects which make it's citizens and County Board members feel better about themselves. The Arlington government should spend more time dedicated to practicng good government (providing accurate and friendly responses to citizen questions would be a good start) and less time attempting to win awards for urban planning. A better use for the space would be for the Government to build small class "A" office space and donate it for use to the many worthy non-profits in the County that can no longer afford office and meeting space in a metro accessible location.
The park should contain only natural features, such as meadows to create wildlife/wildflower habitat. Plant wildflowers in some areas to attract butterflies. Do not frequently mow any part of the park. Mow only once a year, in the late fall or winter. Do not pave any paths or other areas. Create woodchip paths only. Place some benches in the park, but design them so that homeless people cannot sleep there. The park should have a WiFi hot spot. Clarendon presently has much activity and too much pavement. Clarendon needs natural areas that don't have any impermeable surfaces. These natural areas will enable people to read, relax, text and enjoy nature. There should be no playing areas or other active recreational facilities. Clarendon Metro Plaza presently has a wide paved surface that is suitable for performances. Quincy Park, which is not far away, presently has large active recreational areas and frequently mowed areas that adequately serve the Clarendon community. Jim Hunter Park has a dog park. Clarendon therefore does not need any more pavement, mowed grass or active recreational facilities. It has enough of these.
Public Art
I was in Rio de Janiero last month and saw a similar sized pop up park where they had installed outdoor exercise equipment. That would be nice to see here.
Community Canine Area- needed because it looks like the one in Clarendon is being reduced significantly
This park would be located at a busy intersection. There is an opportunity to have the design and landscape support the creation of a calming space. A calming space would entice citizens and visitors by providing them with the opportunity to experience of a brief escape from the urban clatter.
Playground area for small kids (there are tons of families in the area); shady tables where people can picnic with all the great take-out food in the immediate area; if lawn space, no dogs allowed please!
Swings and or slides for kids to use.
the park is not large enough to host "events". It should be designed as a passive recreational space with maybe some chess tables(no more than 3) and a bocce ball court at the north edge inside of a strong planting strip along the property-line. The pedestrian access through the DehliDhabi alley should be reinforced.The site furnishings should be sturdy and simple with an opportunity for really fun, functional public art piece which could be relocated after 2 years.Low Impact Development Technology should be used throughout the site to demonstrate how stormwater could be used for the site. Solar and wind power should be used to have all lighting and other power usage in the park be not only off the grid, but as a demonstration of regenerating energy to feedback into the grid.The other nice thing that we could do as Arlington County is to have a education and interpretative board exhibit in conjunction with Korus House to celebrate The Korean Culture since they are letting us have use of their property. There would also be an opportunity to have some really cool electronic dialed into the park with maybe somebody like Samsung or LG hooking into the regenerative power theme.Just some thoughts.
have rotating art exhibits from artisphere
would like to see some small-child-friendly or small-child-oriented installations/uses/events.
Free Wi-fi
I live a block away from this space. It is not big enough or well-suited to large events like concerts. It would be ideal for informal gatherings, open grassy space, bocce, cornhole, and organized yoga/fitness classes. Plus, this can be done inexpensively, which makes sense for a temporary park.
The park should be used primarily as an informal gathering and recreation area due to its temporary nature.
We have plenty of places to sit, but we don't have many open recreation spaces for games, whether it be bocce, cornhole, or chess. Make it a gaming park that is fun for the whole family.
Parking Lot. This area needs more daily parking and short term parking. Trying to get to the Fed-Ex Kinkos during prime hours is impossible. This lot needs to be changed to short term parking and can be done CHEAPLY (simple pave over) and adding 1 parking meter machine. Revenue for the county. There is a park 1 block from here and down the bottom of the hill.
This space is very small and very public. PLEASE don't turn it into a dog toilet. No grass....and fence any trees.
Charcoal BBQ grills and ash bins, possibly turf capable of exercising on.
Area for skateboarding / Skateable art.
The Courthouse neighborhood is in desperate need of some green space. Please minimize the impervious surfaces in this park.
bocce court, bocce court, bocce court, thats my 4 others for #1 For the last question bocce court
It's close to CHP and other commercial occupancies. This would be a nice lunch get-away for this crowd. Good outdoor meeting space.
playground would be critical because the one at Barton and Fairfax is still under construction and will be for some time.
Ping pong tables
Wine Tastings, events suitable for cold months (Hot Chocolate Tastings?)
For late evenings on weekends, "bring your own" policy for light beer and wine (with the requirement you clean-up after yourself) would be nice alternative for those who want to enjoy a glass of wine in a quieter, more picnic-like environment without the expense and noise of a bar. But in general, leaving the space open at night would be a top request since there's few public communal spaces to enjoy a summer evening outdoors since several parks within range close after dark.
Nice seating with attractive vegetation for just a serenity spot in the middle of a busy neighborhood.
Horseshoe, Croquet, Hand Ball Wall, Line Dancing and Hand Dancing Demonstrations, Card Games
Include classes on gardening
Please do not pave this park! So many of our new open spaces are covered in pavers (Clarendon, Arlington Mill). We need softer, greener, cooler, shady natural spaces for people to hang out.
Game tables for dominos. Music or movies
Proposed design needs more SHADE and screening from Clarendon Blvd.
Not sure I want a pop up park here. Greenspace is great, but not sure it's a good idea at night. What is being done to minimize homeless traffic? What will be done to keep Clarendon partiers out at night?
would love to have circuit training equipment like shown here:
benches, tables, water fountains
Sand volleyball courts
SHADE over at least one picnic table
Playground features for kids.
More trees and canopy are needed for this space so there is shade for gatherings
Small tot lot for little kids
Would be nice to have playground equipment and some features for the kids
Water sprinklers (with opening hours at least on those hours in which lyon park sprinklers are closed) similar to those that are available at ballston neighborhood ( Wilson blvd. and Randolph street)- kids weekly educational and recreational activities, on a rotating basis, such as story telling every Tuesday, how to eat healthy - learning activities for kids and tips for parents, on Wednesdays, artistic events, magicians, giveaways, fun and creative stuff for all kids. Babies and toddlers....thanks!!!!!
Is it possible to plant some large trees for a shady canopy?
creative furniture but not colorful. Should keep with a 'green/natural' look and feel; art sculptures that are also good for simple climbing (maybe local contest for design?); fountain
Would love to have a small playground for kids and a covered bench space (either shaded by tree or covered by canopy)
I would like as much green and as little concrete as possible.
Urban areas with lots of condos and apartments typically provide space for residents to sit outside with a cup of coffee and read the paper. This is an opportunity for Arlington County to provide comfortable benches and partially remedy the absence of outdoor sitting areas for adults. Not everyone has a back yard. After working all day in the man-made world, we need small oases of green in our lives. Please set aside the desire to break new ground (pardon the pun). Minimize the curved cement forms and just put in some benches in the shade. Thank you.
Urban areas with lots of condos and apartments typically provide space for residents to sit outside with a cup of coffee and read the paper. This is an opportunity for Arlington County to provide comfortable benches and partially remedy the absence of outdoor sitting areas for adults. Not everyone has a back yard. After working all day in the man-made world, we need small oases of green in our lives. Please set aside the desire to break new ground (pardon the pun). Minimize the curved cement forms and just put in some benches in the shade. Thank you.
Places to sit and lots of TRASH CANS for dog poop bags, left over lunches, papers, etc. We need more places for folks to simply sit and for walkers (with or without dogs) to rest, read, relax. The population is getting older and we need to encourage walkers (very healthy exercise) and making the Rosslyn to Ballston corridor more walker friendly area would add greatly to the Arlington experience. Certainly will generate more retail sales, restaurant meals, etc. A park will generate its own most frequently used activities. please don't spend alot of money on this park unless the county owns the land.
mainly green space with wi-fi and a small pop-up library that offers books and magazines for children and adults (!
Mini playground set for toddlers.
workout area / cross fit type of structures
I'd love a pool for the community or other water feature.
shelter for eating
Please NO food trucks. This would be tarnish an ongoing Courthouse revitalization
Please provide a variety of seating options, some with shade(umbrellas or shade structure), for hanging out and having lunch.
More trees, please!!!
Anything shaded, must be dog friendly
setaside a portion for small and young kid play, crowd sourced video gaming outdoors, creative urban play space. stroller friendly. picnic area
Please do not allow dogs and clearly mark that fact. This allows people to sit on the grass and enjoy free and open space.
Display local school artwork
Don't spend a lot of money on it!
Performences by amateures and professionals.Small scale exhibitions.
butterfly garden; "Natural Habitat" garden; lots & lots of flowers
Art demonstrations, workshops and artist ( student) projects
fenced in dog area
I think it would be great to use native plants in the landscaping- it would be beautiful and also educational, as a demonstration garden to show local residents and businesses how native plants can be used for landscaping even in urban settings. For advice, I suggest consulting with Nature by Design ( , an excellent native plant nursery in Alexandria. They gave me great advice on how to grow native plants on my 8th-floor balcony. And my plants are thriving!
A lot of people seem to want a dark park. Keep in mind that this neighborhood has several open parks already suitable for dogs. I might support a dog park more if all dog owners cleaned up after their dogs. At least once a week, we find dog droppings in our front yard or on a sidewalk nearby. there are even occasional "presents" left at the elementary school bus stop. It's a complete disgrace - and within one or two blocks from two dog-friendly parks (11th and Danville; 11th and Barton). Before adding another dog park in the same area, dog owners need to clean up after their dogs. Some dog owners clearly don't care about the value and livability of the neighborhood.
I work in the Navy League building across the street from the proposed park. I see a LOT of dogs getting walked in the area. Every year there are fewer places for them to do their business around Courthouse. Please expect the park will be used for that purpose, at least dozens of times per day, regardless what the other uses end up being. Additionally, good trash management will be important. Along that street, the properties that look well kept and clean have daily manual litter pickup and trash cans are emptied frequently. Maybe neighboring offices and residents could be solicited to "adopt a day at the park" and pick up litter once on their adopted day per week.
Space for public dancing, like the Sunday tango in Freedom Plaza. (Will there be a place to hook up speakers?) Rose garden. Speaker's corner? Consider a space for yoga or group exercise. Please include a fence so kids can play inside without fear of them running into traffic.